“I’ve been using Erik for about a couple years now and am super happy with his massage work. I’m a very active athlete – running, biking, skiing, etc. Erik has kept me in great shape and helped me recover after big events. In addition to this, I’ve suffered several injuries during the time I’ve been seeing Erik and he has worked to aid my recoveries both with tissue and injury-specific body work. He has also helped with exercise and stretching recommendations as well as therapeutic work I can do on my own at home.  His office is in a great location downtown and even when he’s busy he works hard to fit me in at a time that works with my schedule. Highly recommended!”-Tim

“In Boulder you have many options for body work and Erik is my preferred choice.  Erik first worked on me back in the day when you could receive free body work through the  Boulder Rock Club.  Shortly after that service ended, Erik opened up shop and I have been a regular client ever since.  I am a rock climber, skier, biker and family man.  I have built up stress that Erik has been able to work through every time.  He has a magic touch that I have found in no other practitioner.  The prime example is his ability to find and work through knots and to not be sore for days afterward.  I strongly recommend that you give him a try.”-Byron

“I’ve had surgery on both knees due to skiing injuries. Erik helped me work through pain in my IT bands, hips, feet, and upper legs. Excellent functional fitness style massage therapy. He also helped me work on the way I use my body, and how moving and exercising in a different way can make a big difference on how my legs feel. Erik helped me work through a lot of scar tissue, and I’m going to ski again this year! Erik helped me get stronger, manage pain, and heal from my injuries faster. Excellent experience!”-Sarah